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Kitchen Countertop Options: The Top Choices For Busy Kitchens

Every homeowner desires a bit of personal touch in the various rooms in the house, and thus the how your kitchen looks may be very different from your neighbor’s. When it comes to kitchen countertop options, things boil down to personal taste and preferences all centered on the materials. The market may offer a handful of choices, but picking the ideal countertop may prove an overwhelming decision for some homeowners.

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A laminate surface was once the ideal prep area in most kitchens; it is reign was ended by the introduction of other materials that offer a host of patterns, textures, colors, and sturdiness. The countertops materials range from quartz, wood, and concrete, to ceramic tiles, marble, and soapstone among others.  You can find more info about the different materials here

Ideally, what counts is having a surface that can take the punches. Something that will not cheap easily, is easy to clean and can withstand heat. Without further ado, here are the best five kitchen countertops for a busy kitchen.

1. Granite Counters
Granite is the most common material of choice when you are not worried about money. It has a hardness rating that comes second to that of diamond and is what to get is you are looking for something that gives a definitive elegance to your kitchen. The price of this materials keep dropping by the day as its demand increases, and there is no shortage of its supply.

What you will be dealing with is a unique type of stone that easily transforms even the most modest of kitchens. It has exceptional heat resistance, comes in thousands of color options, and is very sturdy. When thinking of getting a granite counter for your kitchen, think more along the lines of long-term service with little to no repairs. You may need to do the seals, but that is cheap maintenance for this hard surface.

2. Marble Counters
Marble is a strongly upcoming material of choice form countertops in many of the modern homes. It is a material that exudes beauty and durability and using the word ‘beauty’ would be an understatement. Marble is a material that gives a kitchen a luxurious look, and it is a combination of beauty and brawns.

The material is softer and cheaper than granite and mirrors the unique chicness and scorch-resistance or granite. Such qualities make this a pricey option with a square foot of marble costing around $120. Well, it does age, but what doesn’t with time? But the good thing is that marble ages gracefully into something with a warm look that makes it appealing to some people.

3. Concrete
Concrete may sound like a drub and cliché countertop option but is far from being that. If you have a creative mind and an eye for detail, then it is possible to create something marvelous with concrete. Thanx to the birth of staining, colorizing and sealing techniques, you do not have to settle for that dull look synonymous with concrete surfaces.

You can opt to embed smooth flat stones, silicon chips, or an artistic peace to beautify the surface. Concrete is very resistant to heat and scratch, and that take those hard hits for many years to come without losing its finesse. But, you should avoid using highly acidic liquids on concrete counters because they stain the surface.

4. Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles are a standard feature in most homes; with them, you get hard, lasting surfaces that are easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are cheap that hence an ideal alternative to granite or marble is you are looking for something with a glossy finish. Installing the tiles is not complicated which probably is why the material is a common choice for most kitchen remodeling project when on a tight budget.

Ceramic tiles come in thousands of color and pattern options and can be different textured and available in various dimensions. They do offer some acceptable resistance to heat and scratches, but they tend to crack and chip easily. The grout lines are also an issue worth noting because they stain with time.

5. Soapstone
The last material worth a mention is soapstone. Spills are a common thing in the kitchen, and they tend to stain countertops. But you will not have to worry about the orange juice, green tea, or coffee spills staining your counter if it is made of soapstone. The material has some acceptable heat resistance and will not scratch easily. It is easy to clean with no need for particular cleaning products though some mineral oils can help enhances that surfaces natural beauty.

Written by A Joy of Granite .  We provide stone countertops for commercial and residential properties.